Kuwait Oil Company – Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Geologist, Drilling Engineer, Contract Engineer, Contract Engineer, Planners, Petrophysicists, Geophysicists, Project Engineers

28 Desember 2009

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) – Kuwait Oil Company invites you to be a part of the team, where highly motivated ad highly skilled E&P professionals work together in increasing the export production capacity from 2.5 million bopd to 4 million bopd by 2020. Known as the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait has both a cosmopolitan an traditional society in which the new employees will find welcoming people and a safe environment in which to work and live. All positions are full – time, internal within the Company and based in Kuwait. Tax free salaries and other benefits, apply now to explore the dream and experience the opportunity

1. Senior Petroleum Engineers
2. senior Reservoir Engineers
3. Senior Geologists
4. Senior Petrophysicists
5. Senior Geophysicists
6. Senior Drilling Engineers
7. Senior Project Engineers
8. Senior Planners
9. Senior Engineers Standards
10. Petroleum Engineers
11. Reservoir Engineers
12. Geologists
13. Drilling Engineers
14. Contract Engineers
15. Engineer Marine Contract
16. Engineer Marine Maintenance
17. Planning Engineers
18. Engineer Cost & Estimation
19. Engineer I Design
20. Fire Engineers
21. Safety Engineers
22. Environmental Engineers
23. Chief Industrial Hygienists
24. Engineers Corrosion
25. Engineers Mechanical Projects
26. Engineers Construction
27. Engineers Maintenance Projects
28. Engineers Materials
29. Engineers Electrical Maintenance
30. Process Engineers

Minimum Requirements:

* All applicants must speak and write English, Arabic would be an advantage
* All applicants should have an engineering degree or higher
* Senior Engineers should have minimum of 10 years experience
* Engineers should have a minimum of 8 years experience

To apply please visit our agents website http://www.edistaffbuilders.com and download the resume template then e-mail the detailed resume with a photo to:
careers.johnclements@gmail.com and
Please indicate your job position as the subject of the email


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