Lowongan BUMN Perkebunan Nusantara IX 2010

28 Januari 2010

PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX (Persero) a state with a working area of Central Java Province region
inviting potential workers who are persistent, tenacious, willing to work hard, dare to face challenges, highly motivated and have the integrity to positions sinder / employee-led, with a background education as follows:

1. S1 Agricultural Studies Program:
a. Agronomy (Code: TAN-A)
b. Agricultural Mechanization (Code: TAN-M)
c. Soil Science (Code: TAN-T)

2. S1 or D3 Engineering
a. Mechanical Engineering Production (Code: TEK-M)
b. Strong currents of Electrical Engineering / Systems Ketenagaan and Weak Flow (Code: TEK-E)

3. S1 Teknik Kimia (Code: PLH-K)

4. S1 Economy
a. Accounting (Code: ME-A)
b. Management (Code: ME-M)

5. S1 Psychology (Code: HR-P)


* Indonesian citizen, born after January 31, 1983.
* Not married
* Minimum GPA 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS).
* Willing to be placed in all company work areas.
* Preferably have relevant work experience with the proposed field.
* Because of the nature of work done, it takes a man to code: TAN-A, TAN-M, TAN-T, TEK-F, TEK-E, and PLH-K.
* Was never convicted of committing a crime (indicated dg Certificate from the Police).
* Never be dismissed with no respect of institutions or government agency or private law.

Send your application along with copies of S1 or D3 certificates and transcripts (certified), recent 4×6 passport photo 3 pieces (write name on the back of each photo), complete Curriculum Vitae no. phone / cell phone easily contacted, their identification card, valid Police Certificate Notes, letters of Health & Certificate of No Color Blind Doctor, addressed to:

Jl. Jend. Urip Sumoharjo No. 100, Yogyakarta – 55,222

Name the position code / formation of interest in the application and to the left of the envelope proposal. Test locations in Yogyakarta. Applications received by the Committee no later than February 12, 2010. Only qualified applicants who will be called to follow the selection. Applications become the property of the Committee. Company Profile, requirements, and test phases can be viewed on the website LPP (http://www.lpp.ac.id). Announcement of participants who are called to follow the Phase I tests can be viewed through the LPP website on February 25, 2010. The committee decision is absolute. Committee does not serve & telephone correspondence relating to the test results. For more information please follow the link below


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