Lowongan Yogyakarta 2010 Terbaru

28 Januari 2010

PT. Millennium Penata Futures facilitates the online trading of a wide range
of financial products including:

* Foreign Exchange
* Futures

Facts about the PT. Millennium Penata Futures

* Founded in 2000, PT. Millennium starts its first office in Jakarta, Menara Kebon Sirih
* We have our own research & analysis team , populary knows as FinanceRoll
* Online Trading system officially known as Millennium Trader 4 developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp
* PT Millennium Penata Futures has established 19 branch offices in 12 cities


* Permit of Trade Business (SIUP) No.SIUP 2267/09-01/PB/2000
* Jakarta Futures Exchanges
* Jakarta Derivatives Clearing House

PT Millennium Penata Futures has always provide a high quality and professionals financial services to all of its clients for more than 3 years and has successfully achieved a satisfactory reputation of company’s performance in fulfilling the need of clients. Having its central office domicile in the business centre of Jakarta. Presently, PT Millennium Penata Futures has established 19 branch offices in 12 cities Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Kediri, Jember, Makassar, Bali, Batam, Pekan Baru, Balik Papan, Jayapura

Now Our branch in Jogjakarta needs the best candidates to fill in position as

1. Public Relation.
2. Market Analyst.
3. Marketing.

Requirements :
1. Min D3 Degree
2. Dynamic person and has a good personality
3. Work Location: Jogjakarta

Send your CV and Photo before February 05, 2009 to

PT. Millennium Pennata Futures
Jl. Gejayan No.11. Telp. 0274-555028,

Up. Teguh Susgianto.
Phone No: 087834901122


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